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all-in-one Companion

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You can only enjoy the functions by buying 10 different machines.

MF1 Pro helps you save the cost with only ONE machine.

Pro Professional Version is integrated with Functions below:

.  Atmosphere Light

.  Wireless Charging

.  Alarm Clock

.  Air Conditioner Companion

.  TV Companion

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Sterilization Rate up to


Patent from Japan

MF1 Pro Dual Sterilization Patent

UV+UM Spray Disinfection System

Air Purification
Music Play
Charging Function
Atmosphere Light
Incense & Humidification
Alarm Clock & PM2.5 & Temperature
FM Radio
TV Companion
Air Conditioner Companion
Integrated Functions
Make Home Simple
Quality Witness (from Internal to External)
Quality Support (Official Testing Certification)

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Particulate Matter CADR Test Data 74.9m³/h

Staphylococcus Albus Kill Ratio 99.96%

CELA® Functional antibacterial liquid with kill ratio 99.999% for most germs (Japan patented technology)

ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Certificate

Sterilization+Purification+Music all-in-one Companion - partial Invention Patents and Registered Certification (3 more invention patents are being reviewed)

Candida Albicans Kill Ratio 93.57%

Methanal CADR Test Data 28.4m³/h

1:It shows Time and Alarm Clock status with a big digital tube.

2:The alarm clock is built with 3 kinds of nature ringtone and a ringtone for those who get up hard + particular radio channel ringtone setup.

3:With real-time detection of air quality PM2.5 numbers, it shows you clearly of the air quality index.

4:It shows real-time environment temperature of the living condition.

It stays with you for every healthy and happy day.

1:MF1 Pro is built with highly sensitive FM radio system from 87MHz to 108MHz. After receiving by built-in digital amplifier system, it outputs radio programs with high-quality sound and brings you access to local news and entertainment.

Why is it called “TV Companion”?

1:People are using LCD TV nowadays but the sound quality is bad due to the slim size and limited space for speakers, resulting in bad user experience;

2:MF1 Pro is equipped with Bluetooth and AUX modes for TVs with Bluetooth and AUX to deliver high quality sound;

3:When people are watching TV, they probably don’t notice the air quality around. MF1 Pro helps sterilize and purify the air during TV watching. People can enjoy TV programs in a healthy environment.

Make TVs Better Sound!

Why is it called Air Conditioner Companion?

1:When it’s too hot or cold, people tend to use air conditioners. However, the air quality gets worse in house for long time use of the air conditioner in the closing room as AC can’t improve the air quality, which will be harmful for your health;

2:MF1 Pro is always by your side with you, silently sterilizing, purifying and anion adjusting the air, which makes you safe and healthy in the room and protect you all the time.

It helps purify the air and eliminate methanal 48 times a day for a 15 square-meter room.



Be quiet and play the music you like, symphony, classic, jazz, pop, rock, etc., MF1 Pro has the power to meet your needs!

Try the sound better than all words...

High Pitch - Sweet, Clear

Mid Pitch - Mild, Moist

Low Pitch - Full, Soft

Music Play Integrated System:

Music Play Integrated System:

1:Bluetooth 5.0 Receiving Module System

2:DPS (Digital Signal Processing) System

3:Texas Instrument Big-power Type D Digital Amplifier System

4:Stereo sound, low and medium frequency with high frequency sound tracks, independently and precisely calculated sound cavity + 360-degree Sound Cavity (Patented) and wiring system

5:Electronic components are with military grade specs.

Solid-state capacitors and fully encapsulated inductors make the sound pure.

6:Professional debug 6 driver units (mid and low frequency drivers 8W/4Ω*2pcs + tweeter with titanium film 3W/4Ω*2pcs + 75mm diameter passive radiator*2pcs)

1:Bluetooth 5.0 Receiving System

2:USB-A PLUG supports USB flash disk, playing Hi-Fi music, like APE, WAV, FLAC, MP3

3:AUX 3.5mm Input Amplified Playing

15W Big Power Wireless Fast Charging

It can charge two phones or mobile devices with wired and wireless charging simultaneously.

Lighting Integrated Configuration:

1:It is equipped with 63pcs of RGB high-quality LEDs, programmable LED chip driver module and independent power pressure stabilizing system, keeping lights stay lit without flashing and hurting eyes. And the lampshade color is modulated with special materials, making the light soft and balanced.

2:Click and Touch design to switch light colors and adjust light brightness. 10 types of colors and modes create light atmosphere and make people enjoy life sentiment.

Wireless and Wired Charging Functions

1:Wireless charging provides DC 5V/1A-3A wireless fast charging. The actual charging power and charging time are determined by the wireless charging protocol of phones or other devices.

2:USB A PLUG wired charging provides DC 5V/2A charging. The actual charging power and charging time are determined by the wireless charging protocol of phones or other devices.

Visible great configuration, hear it and feel it.

Breathe the fresh air in your living space like in the forest. It can help purify the air and eliminate methanal 48 times a day for a 15 square-meter room

Air Purification is integrated with the systems below:

1:SHARP Air Quality Auto Examine and Control System

2:3-in-1 (Primary Filter Grill+HEPA Filter Element+Activated Carbon Filter Element) Integrated Filter Elements

3:UV Irradiation-sterilize System

4:High-power Anion-Activate-Air Molecule System

5:Air Quality Auto Control and Color with Digital Readout Visible System

6:120mmx25mm Great-power DC Centrifugal Fan and Control System

Sterilization Rate up to 99.96%


all-in-one Companion


all-in-one Companion


all-in-one Companion


all-in-one Companion


all-in-one Companion


all-in-one Companion


all-in-one Companion

It’s obvious to see and feel the good quality from creative design to strict material use.

MF1 Pro makes the sterilization omnidirectional without leaving a corner

LG UVC+UVA sterilizing lights 4pcs

Integrated 3-in-1 Purification Filter

Primary Filter + HEPA + Activated Carbon

UM Spray Disinfection System

Spray Particle around 5um

Spray Functional Disinfection Water

Japanese Patent (Non-toxic and Tasteless)





HEPA Efficient Filter

Cellular Activated Carbon Filter

Integrated One-Piece Design

Air Purification and Methanal Elimination

Music Playing (Bluetooth, Flash Drive, AUX)

FM Radio

Alarm Clock

PM2.5 and Temperature Real-time Detection

Wireless and Wired Charging



Atmosphere Lighting

Air Conditioner Companion

TV Companion

Car Companion

For More Functions and Use,

                         TO BE Explored by YOURSELF!

   Nowadays, most products are doing subtraction by making less functions but MF1 Pro is always doing complicated addition for making room SIMPLER and TIDIER. More functions, less room occupation.

   MF1 Pro is not doing simple functions overlay, no matter for sterilization, or for air purification, or music play or other functions, we adhere to “My Future, the Cozy Life” product idea, designing the most delicate products for consumers.

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Product release & corporate culture
"Sound" for breathing
Introduction to the six functions of MF MAX1
Small body
Thank you for being with me for 15 years
Pay tribute to the customers who accompanied Mei Fei along the way


all-in-one Companion

One Light, One Home


all-in-one Companion

Why can MF1 Pro reach the sterilization rate up to 99.96%?

Primary Filter

DIY your own living condition by adding your favorite fragrance. The incense is applied with active wind suction system, making fragrance softly emitting in your living space.

If your living space is good enough and it doesn’t need spray sterilization reinforce mode, you can also add water to the box of the spray system (ONLY WATER CAN BE ADDED). It will appropriately humidify the living condition.



Anion Air Adjusting

Three guarantees make it easy for you to join as an agent
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There are few agents in the region, and the marketing strategy is guaranteed. Brand advertising is guaranteed. Guaranteed sales support and after-sales service
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Presenting large promotional gift packages, demo machines, advertising gifts, allowing you to easily act as an agent
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No franchise fee, no deposit, no management fee so you can do it easilyproxy.
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Answers to common after-sales questions in time
How to distinguish the quality of an air purifier?
To make indoor air quality reach a certain clean standard, air purifiers have two necessary rigid indicators: 1. It is necessary to ensure that the indoor air reaches a certain number of air changes, that is, the built-in fan of the air purifier must have a certain air volume. 2. The density of the filter is moderate to ensure a high single-shot efficiency and a high overall effect.
Pre-filter: After using it for a long time, the pre-filter will collect some dust, which will affect the effect of air purification. Therefore, you need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, or use a rag to clean it or even wash it with water. Filter: Some filters need to be exposed to the sun regularly, so that the purification efficiency can be better maintained.
How often does the air purifier need to be cleaned?
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